How to make youtube video viral

In this post We are going to show you how to make youtube video viral. It is easy,you can share your videos on other social media platforms but it didn’t reflect any subscribers to you. So, in this post I will show you how you can easily share your post and make it viral and also I will show you one more interesting way where you can increase your subscribers.

First I will show you the ways from which you can earn traffic/views.

You have to make some accounts on social media for knowing how to make youtube video viral:

1.Make a account on pinterest . Here you have to make business account. Now start making posts here. Write the start words of your post or of your video in description and in description link add the link of your video or post. [ This is first way for : how to make youtube video viral ]

2. Try to share on facebook and instagram.

3. This is for blogger if you want to share your post then submit your your post on other websites as guest post then add link of your post in gueest post. You will get many traffic from here. Check where to add guest post here. [ This is third way for : how to make youtube video viral ]

4. From this way you can also gain some subscribers on your youtube channel. You have to prepare a best video of you and send that video to youtube channel Radesh Sharma. You can send video him on instagram. [ This is fourth way for : how to make youtube video viral ]

He will upload your youtube video on his youtube channel. From their some people come on your channel and subscribe you.

I hope that you like my all the ways. But in my opinion the best way to earn traffic is 4 try it. It can help you . For more queries please comment below. You can also suggest us.

How to Make Sky Change VFX-Mobile Editing

Now-a-days people are too much interested in vfx because of social media platform tiktok. Everyone want to get more and more hearts,So, they are trying to make new-new vfx video like [ sky change vfx ]…there are many platform to make vfx most popular are after effects,adobe after effects,etc.

First of all I explain you what is VFX?

Visual effects are often integral to a movie’s story and appeal. Vfx is make by two parts of videos. One video is raw and second video is effects after collapasing both of them new video is called Vfx . Which is totally diffenent from raw video. But as easy in reading it is not easy to make VFX. So, vfx is only made by trained creaters.

So ,in today’s post we are going to show you how you can make cool vfx using android smartphone/mobile editing….because every haven’t computer,”is I am right?”. [want to know how to earn money online.]

You need one editor kinemaster . But if you want watermark free kinemaster download from below [ need to make sky change vfx ]:

Download Section:


1.Make raw video in which you can add effects.

2.Download background video from google or search on youtube which is better choose and copy link go to onlineconverter and download video.

3.Open kinemaster and start editing.

4.Merge both videos using chroma key. Make sure contract,brightness,and saturation level is good.

I know you are not understanding better check out video tutorial:

Video by Radesh Sharma

For more vfx comment on youtube below the video.


How to make intro video for YouTube

In this post We are going to show you How to make intro video or tittle video for any platform. You can make simple but trendy introduction videos free but if you want to make high class introduction video then you have to pay for some fonts because paid have classy look but some free also have classy look.

Understand more about introduction video because without understandation you didn’t catch source:-

Intro” = introduction. It’s the term for the opening part of a video, typically a short scene / recap and/or some opening titles or credits at the beginning of the video to give the viewer an idea of the content or its theme. “Outro” is a play on “intro” and refers to content that marks the end of a video.

I will show you whole process of how you can make intro video by video and also by some text navigation…….

For this type of more posts check this.

Follow all steps and enjoy new introduction video but don’t forget to comment below…..

1.You have to download one app from play store which is intro maker vlog trailer maker.

2. Open app and choose a theme/video for introduction.

3. Now edit text,font and you are ready.

If you want good results check video tutorial for text and font editing:::::

Video by Radesh Sharma.

I hope this post is helpful for you guys keep commenting your problems below we are happy to help you.

Check our youtube also.Thanks

How TO Earn Money Online

Hello guys/friends/dear
In this post we are going to explain you how to earn money online . Okay let us start discussion:-

Nowadays people  in a whole day consume their most of the time in
social media.But they are not getting some profit from there. Today we
are going to talk on that, how you can easily using these social media
platforms you can how to earn money online .If you wanted to know more about internet marketing check out.

First of all guys I want to inform you something that these platforms
like Facebook,Instagram,tik-tok these are made for sharing knowledge
full contents from which people learn something from which people can
motivate. I hope you are understanding what I  wanted to say you.
In our world every people everyone I am talking about every single
person every single person have a unique potential unique talent to
fulfil their desire to fulfil their dreams but they are not doing
those things because they are moved from there but they are waisting
the time on social media in  unusual  chat. I am not saying that chat
is unusual everytime. Doing chatting is usual 
limited time at a limit I hope you are understanding.

 So in today’s post and we are going to talk about it how we can earn
money using these platforms because everyone have a unique potential
unique talent and we can do everything if we have a unique potential
and unique talent. But we have to recognise our talent which talent we
have .

 I think I’m talking too much okay let us go to the main point how we
can and in my opinion there are two best ways  to earn online is
easily by  doing little hardwork.
So, in my opinion first way is :

1. YouTube

 As you know guys about YouTube everyone use YouTube. In today’s life
everyone if you wants to know about  anything he go to the YouTube
i’m just research and get the match. But from where he get his match
there are some people who upload their content on YouTube and we are
watching their content on YouTube were doing that while watching we
are not just  gaining own  profit ,We are also giving profit to the
creator because while watching YouTube play some ads in the video the
creator get the profit from those that you get revenue of these ads. I
hope now you are understanding what I wanted to told you . Everyone
can upload videos on YouTube because everyone have a unique talent he
can upload his/her own  content on YouTube, people will watch their
videos, when people watch their videos they will get revenue.

Let me give you example of a man :-
 A boy who have a very good knowledge related to smart phones but
until he didn’t recognise his own talent his knowledge is just waste.
 At the age of 16 he recognise his knowledge he recognise his talent
he start uploading on YouTube and Early  start earning on YouTube. I’m
giving you the link of  that guy guys check out


 Now  guys second way is :-


 Yes guys  blog you can make your website but it is costly way you
have to do some investments for that you have to pay  $20 In starting
but when you are settled here you have too much earnings their…
When you make your website after making website why you are unique
potential and unique talent you have to write articles write article
about education, Write article about tech, Write article about
smartphone specifications, Write article about medical therapies,Write
 articles about exercise you can upload also videos with them, Write
articles for how you can do dance easily, how are you can learn
football easily, how you can learn cricket easily, but with these
blogs/article you have to upload some videos with them.

 If you guys want to check in newly way which is doing  good work in
the field of this also I’m giving the link of that guy check out guys. That website.


If you Guys want to check more ideas on how to earn money online than check out

I hope guys you understand my both ideas, both opinions.
 At the end guys I wanted to tell you something that about the
examples which I given you in both the opinions of a guy,one is
YouTuber and  Second one is blogger. That guy is me guys. Check out my links please.

Thanks for coming
Your sincerely
Radesh Sharma